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Portrait Delphine Gourgues

Leave a mark and be inspiring.

Those are my two goals when I  write.

I am Delphine Gourgues. I like words, accurate words, powerful words, words that touch and words that create emotion.
I propose to bring life to words to give more clarity and to unveil the story of your company or your own story.
Through all my different experiences in advertising, education, NGOs, journalism and social media, words have always been my partners and my best tools. Living for ten years in Asia has also profoundly transformed me and revealed how essential words are. Arriving as deaf and dumb in a country of calligraphy, I felt very humble…
To create or improve the “about” section of your website or your biography, publish storytelling or testimonial, write an article, a blog post, design a chronicle, unveil a mission or a project, in English and/or French contact me.

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Content Writer, Online Newspaper

London, UK

2023 - present

Couleurs de Chine, NGO

Shanghai, China

2019 - 2021

L'Arbre du Voyageur, Bookstore

Shanghai, China

2018 - 2020, Online Newspaper

Shanghai, China

2014 - 2017

Communication Manager

UFE Japan, International Association

Tokyo, Japan

2013 - 2014

Marketing Lecturer

NEOMA, Business School

Reims, France

2007 - 2011

Account Manager

HAVAS, Advertising Group

Reims, France

2002 - 2007

PUBLICIS, Advertising Group

Paris, France

1999 - 2001

McCANN, Advertising Group

Paris, France

1996 - 1999



Delphine has the writing ability we would all like to have! Her main strength is to identify the appropriate feeling, style, or emotion, and to put it into words, combining accuracy, a touch of poetry, and sometimes humour. I am a photographer, and my pictures communicate emotions. Delphine’s words perfectly fit my style of photography. The result is fair, brilliant, with a taste of magic…

Fabiola Liacy De Felip (ByFab)


I really enjoyed working with Delphine at She knows how to capture various subjects with a positive attitude, and extract rich, meaningful, and colourful content from her interviews. In addition to a very pleasant writing style, Delphine has a real sense of formulas. She is also very reliable, especially for deadlines!

Marie-Eve Richet

Trainer in French, intercultural abilities, writing techniques

Delphine has a genuine sensitivity and ability to listen that allows her to instantly perceive the emotions we want to convey. When I launched my brand of bags and accessories in 2019 in Shanghai, I naturally turned to her for writing my first official communication. I knew she would find the accurate words to tell my story and to reveal to the public the right messages I wanted to communicate.

Isabelle Lovisi

Founder and designer at Maison MuMu, now Maison Germaine